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From current project:

From Line Study of a Motel Clerk (Baobab Press, 2017) 

From Poppy Seeds (Kent State University Press, 2013):




Shakpainter 56: Fine Arts Work Center


Line Study of a Motel Clerk:

Review by Nina Murray on The Same (2018)

Craft talk with Ryan Walsh at The Baoblog (2018)

Review by David Winter in West Branch Wired (2018)

Featured in "New Books" section of Ohioana newsletter (2018)

Ph.D. student Allison Davis draws poetry from heritage by Neeley Moore in the UT Daily Banner (2018)

Review and interview with Justin Goodman at Compulsive Reader (2017)

"The poetry of Youngstown" by Guy D’Astolfo in The Youngstown Vindicator (2017)

Interview with Bailey Boyd at Missouri Review (2017)

Interview with Allison Reck at Midwestern Gothic (2017)

"Valley natives to share poems with a Youngstown perspective" at The Vindicator (2016)

"The Aesthetics of Ruin: "Come rummage through our guts," by Rochelle Hurt at The Best American Poetry Blog (2014)

Interview with Dr. Cheryl Torsney at Connotation Press 9.5 (2014)

Poppy Seeds:

Review of Poppy Seeds by Erica Spriggs in Poetry International Online (2015)

"Midwest Writer Review: On Family and Poetryby Sarah McIntosh at Flyover County Review (2014)

Interview with Rachel Roman at The Line Break Open (2013)

"Summer Countours" by Kenneth Nichols at Great Writers Steal (2013)


The Bind: a review site devoted to books of poetry by women and nonbinary authors:

“The workshop is full of remnants of her, you don’t leave her”: Depictions of Female Labor in Factory Girls and Excess—The Factory, book review (2020)

A Literary Mapping of Horsepower by Joy Priest, book review (2020)

“You won’t even know / the toxin on your tongue”: A Cruelty Special to Our Species by Emily Jungmin Yoon book review (2019)

“Boy, Girl, Angel, Golem”: Multimodal Transformations in Alicia Jo Rabins’s Fruit Geode book review (2019)

“All the rest is commentary": A Jewish Reading of Erica Meitner’s Holy Moly Carry Me, book review (2018)

Mapping the Valley: A Review of Cait Weiss Orcutt’s VALLEYSPEAKbook review (2018)

“Yes, it’s true // that I multiply like a queen”: Twinning in Shelley Wong's Rare Birds, book review (2017)

"A town we all know well”: A Collaborative Review of What It Done to Us by Essy Stone, book review (2017)

Grist: A Journal of the Literary Arts:

An Interview with Jessie Janeshek, interview (2020)

An interview with Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach, interview (2019)

“The Opposite of Wounded Isn’t Healed": Emari DiGiorgio’s Girl Torpedobook review (2018)

Sometimes We’re All Living in A Foreign Country: an interview with Rebecca Morgan Frank, book review (2018)

"Henry Puts the Casual Back in Casualty": Conor Bracken’s Henry Kissinger, Mon Amour, book review (2017)

Other publications:

Wild Milk by Sabrina Orah Mark, book review. Jewish Book Council (2018)

The Rusted City by Rochelle Hurt, book review. New Orleans Review (2015)

Kind by Gretchen Primack, book review. Texas Borderland Poetry Review 41 (2014)

Jim Villani, Editor of Youngstown’s Pig Iron Press, interview. Flyover County Review (2014)