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Line Study of a Motel Clerk

Line Study of a Motel Clerk

Allison Pitinii Davis speaks Ohioan, as James Wright wryly put it, and gives us a world in this utterly fresh, well-crafted, and exhilarating debut volume.  —EDWARD HIRSCH, author of Gabriel

Poppy Seeds

Poppy Seeds

Winner of the Wick Poetry Chapbook Prize

As the title Poppy Seeds suggests, Allison Davis's poems are hard and small and round enough to travel just about anywhere.
—KATHY FAGAN, author of Sycamore 

Going To and Fro and Walking Up and Down Meets “I Do This, I Do That”: Reconnecting Charles Reznikoff and Frank O’Hara: Studies in Jewish American Literature

Going To and Fro and Walking Up and Down Meets “I Do This, I Do That”: Reconnecting Charles Reznikoff and Frank O’Hara

Studies in Jewish American Literature

This comparative examination of the walking poems of Reznikoff and O’Hara constructs new avenues for exploring the urban poetics of outsiders in experimental poetry by reading across and not just through minority experiences.

Oxford American.jpg

Oxford American

Selections from Outskirts

Best American Poetry

The Best American Poetry

Edited by Edward Hirsch

"The Heart of It All + A Free Beer" (Originally printed in The Sycamore Review)

The Laurel Review

Laurel Review Contemporary Jewish Anthology

"Radii: For Sent Regrets"

What Things Cost: An Anthology for the People

What Things Cost: An Anthology for the People

University of Kentucky Press

"The Neighborhood Girls Ask Their Manager for a Raise"



Art by Karl Zuehlke


DUSIE: Tuesday Poem


Academy of American Poets

Academy of American Poets

Selected by Joy Harjo


The Missouri Review

Finalist of the Editors' Prize

"The Neighborhood Girls Caught Lordstown Syndrome," "The Neighborhood and Surrounding City, 1926-2019," “The Neighborhood Girls Fantasize About the WKBN Meteorologist,” “The Neighborhood Girls Ask the WKBN Meteorologist,” “10¢ Beer Night at Municipal Stadium, Cleveland, Ohio, June 4, 1974,” “The WKBN Meteorologist Finally Stops by the Dairy Queen,” “The Neighborhood Girls Go On Strike,” “The Neighborhood Girls Offer Me” 

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The Cincinnati Review

miCRo Series


Split This Rock

The Quarry: A Social Justice Database


The Jewish Book Council

Paper Brigade 



Number 17

"The Neighborhood Girls Play the Drinking Game Thunderstruck During the Thunderstorm While Watching WKBN First News Weather Updates,” “The Neighborhood Girls Yank on the Cigarette Machine During Their Partly Cloudy Smoke Break,” and “The Neighborhood Girls Take a Road Trip to Cleveland” 

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Conflict and Displacement Issue

"The Neighborhood Girls Split Tips After Their Shift, Late May" 

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Foreward Reviews

Poetry Month Feature


The New Republic




Number 89

"In the Back of the Innkeeper's Mind, The Key Rack"


Black Warrior Review


“Falls In Love, Or Reads Spinoza,” reprinted in Corpus Poeticum Spinozanum



Issue 4

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The Missouri Review

Finalist of Editors' Prize

Poems: “Inheritance," “Arriving in Canada,” “Language Loosened Back,” “The Innkeeper Gets Bad Reception of Cleveland 100.7 FM,” “Dead Language,” “Song of the Dead Office,” and “Greetings from the End of the Line" 

Essay: “The Ethics of Address: Writing to The Rustbelt in the Age of Trump"


Blue Lyra Review


Translation of "Songs of a Poorman 1 & 3" by Moyshe Kulbak from Yiddish


Interviews and Reviews for Line Study and Poppy Seeds



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+ Scholarship

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